Thursday, August 21, 2014


One two three four,
Which of you will open the door?
Five six seven eight,
This door I've come to hate.

Eight among you stand
fast and bound
to your precious morals
but without a land
to call your own,
You're doomed
I'm sure you've found.

Batman said it best
We either die a hero
Or turn out like the rest.

Zeke, M, and Sages of old,
All gone, our tutors dead.
And yet, we make no dent
Still they walk, the Red
And the beasts,
and the fears that lead them.

The Faceless, the Beast,
The Angel, and the FEAST,
The Lonely, and the Height,
The City, and the Right,
The Forgotten, and the Unknown.

Each with their Army,
And us ants before them.
This is why we run
home to our mommy
and to our daddy

But who protects us now?
Who will keep us from the night?
From the demons
We must fight?

I'm still Alive by the way. A little less than More. No longer in control. Not for more than ONce in a while. Just checking in on y'all. Making Sure you're all alive. Still Treating each othER with respect i hope. I'll read each thiNg in due tiME.
I'm sorry. Linux is being blatantly obvious. I suppose I should give him somewhat more time.
That first draft is quite out of date by now. I suspect that several of the eight have already been broken, killed, or lost. It shall remain the same in that aspect nevertheless.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Clean Slate BULLSHIT

So. I'm back. Clearly. . . That whole idea of getting out is kinda bullshit. Until we kill everything that runs this shit. And that is a long ways off. Probably never. Probably. . .
I've learned a fair amount. Not enough, never enough. But I also had to kill my friend. My best friend, and my first girlfriend. The second time for the first. That kinda sucked ass. Story for another time.
I found a computer at the end of our times. It still runs off of a backup generator in the base I found. Abandoned in this world happily enough. Can't even get in conventionally without blowing some shit up. Thinking about Pathproofing it when I can take the time. So the deal with time travel. I can only be at one time along one major path once. I can kinda cheat it, but not well. So I've basically been on that computer as much as possible. Looking. Finding targets. New targets. New people to save. Hating the fact that the information isn't more complete.
Found more like me. Shifters. Convenient enough as a name. Couple of them work with the three faced man, most of them don't. Similar to runners. We assume that our existence works in his favor in some way. It just works for our interests as well. Taught me to time shift. It's. . . well it's interesting. I can't interfere with my own life. Can't touch people that I know too.
I'll post again when I can remember.

Monday, February 17, 2014


Sean. Any other shifters out there. It's today. The old man's prodigy will kill you. He's coming for us all. You, me, Jack's already dead. Can't run. Nowhere to run to. We fight. Meet up in line 2437. We organize and set up from there. Bring anything and everything. Tell anyone that you ever loved goodbye, and tell any other shifters you see. I'm posting across the lines. See you when I finish. You have thirty linear minutes before He can get to us.

Good luck

Saturday, January 11, 2014


I think I'm done with it all. I'm trying to get to that reality. The one I was laughing in. The one where my old friends are still alive, and they don't hate me for ruining their lives. Where I don't hate me for ending them. Where I can forget about killing so many people. About failing to save others. May or may not succeed. Just felt y'all deserved an explanation for why I disappear. Since Lovett's out this is the best time. See y'all later. Well hopefully not, but have good luck despite everything. Kill Artsyom. He's a psychopath obsessed with getting Sanna's love. Don't let Carter do whatever he's doing. Kill kelly before he transcends if you can. Don't kill yourself doing it. Don't die. Bye hopefully.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Escape

I can actually type now. Slowly, but it's a start. Maybe I'll try shooting later. Anyways. The escape.

They knocked me out while I was in my cell and took me into an armored car sort of situation. It was also made of that fucking material. They talked to me the whole time I was in there. About how I'd agree with them more, since I already understood them. Understanding just meant that they seemed all the more monstrous. But They didn't knock me out when they got to the place. It was a sort of grove in the middle of nowhere. They tried to always have one of there's on me, something to watch me in case I shifted. They did, but my will was stronger. I pulled whichever asshat had me, and whirled him around and strangled him with the chain of the handcuffs. Or I tried to, but then reinforcements came. Another shift with choky. Got the key from his pocket while he recovered. Took off the cuffs and finished what needed to be done. Shifted both of us back to here. Aaaand then a blow to the back of my head. Aaaand number one was gripping both my arms. And he's strong,m both in will and in body.

"You know what Number eight? He was weak. If he can't stand his own against you, then he didn't deserve to be among us. It would have been nice if you hadn't killed him, but you'll be his replacement. Now lets go meet our master." And then he started steering me. Right towards the trees.

Something smallish, cylindrical in nature, and grey rolled out of somewhere never did see where exactly but it was a smoke grenade. The nameless were surprised as all hell. Bullet tore right through number one's shoulder, and I broke loose. Punched him in the jaw to keep him down just in case. One was looking to tackle my savior- Lovett, and take him somewhere. Intercepted the jackass and Lovett finished him while I was getting up. And then I froze. I saw him. The old man. Seeing him made me jump around. The worlds I'd never seen. Fire and flames and death. More death. Me, walking menacingly towards me, smiling that evil smile. Thousands of snakes, faceless people as far as the eye could see of all different ages, facing me. A planetwide library, a world torn apart by war, this one nuclear and not fear based. (Lovett claims the radiation is superficial) A world where Sanna stood atop bodies, another with Kelevera walking towards me, trying to save me. Why the fuck he would want to save me, I have no clue. I saw a couple other things, but they might be risky to share.
One where I was sitting laughing with my friends. Having a picnic. Laughing. Smiling. Jesus. There's a reality where that could have been.
He left. Lovett claims he only saw an old man for a second or so, but it felt like a minute in each reality. He does have power over time I guess.
Lovett cleaned up the last guy and the rest scattered. I passed out, and he took me to where I am now.
I'm gonna go sleep now everybody. Talk to y'all later.

Monday, December 30, 2013

i'm safe. i guess. not really, but moreso than last week

as lovett said, i am no longer held captive by the nameless. it was an interesting fight, to be described when i can actually type instead of punching keys slowly. fuck this sucks. i'm with lovett at present, not all too sure where, and not at liberty to mention even if i was. i feel sick. and not just because i was badly beaten, though if i had to guess, i'd guess that isn't helping. the old man came, however briefly. i saw him. he saw me. and then i saw everything. death and fire and life and ice and darkness and light. fear and hope and god i can't make the images stop. whenever i blink i see something. children laughing turning into husks screaming for an end. me, laughing with my friends. spending time with my now ex. seeing them all turn to ash as i return to this reality. it won't stop oh god why can't i make it stop. i'm gonna go. try to find myself. survive intact hopefully.

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Time has Come

The Timeless will come in almost exactly a day. Linux's time to become number eight has come. He gets a farewell as a sort of going away present.

"Hey everyone. I uh. I dunno if I'll be back. . . ever. Kill me on sight if you see me and don't know that I'm safe. Preferably before I see you. Keith, I'm sorry for dragging you into everything. I guess I just needed someone to pull me away from memories that needed to be forgotten. Sanna, best of luck in reconciliation, survival in general too. Carter, I swear to god, whatever you're doing, don't do it. Nothing is whatever it is. Even if you don't  become that thing, you'll still lose yourself. Happiness, trust in self, whatever. You won't be who you are now, and the runners need someone like you. Sam, Doc, and co. I'd much appreciate it if you let Keith join you guys. Lone runners tend not to last. Lovett. Thanks for trying. I'm gone at 3 PM tomorrow though. These guys are kinda stupid, leaving me alone. We leave around noon. drive towards the local creepy place, and then walk the last hour or so. I don't know where to exactly. Best estimate. Don't underestimate them. And if you don't think you can kill them, just leave it for later. Don't kill yourself.
Thanks everyone."