Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Place, New People.

I can't really say much about names, locations, or operations (Not that I know much about any of those anyways.), but I'm with Cartright and Carter at the moment. Aside from the fact that I have a tail on me wherever I go, everyone seems really nice and cool. Even the guys tailing me are always up for a chat. Mind you, I understand why they're tailing me, I'm both an unknown and a potential servant. I get it, paranoia serves us and all. Serves them but protects us. It's ironic, really, they're damn good at keeping and increasing their power.
I've checked out most of the facility in the other world. Found some things that implied it served a purpose quite similar, except that the countries were weaponized by the fears, basically started a horrible combination of WW3 and Cold War part 2. Couldn't trust your own country, not your neighbors, hell, not even your own damn family. Factions tore each other apart, no records as of yet to the countries that comprised each. Eventually the faction that was run by Proxies wound up weaponizing azoth, pretty much killed the world. This facility was remarkably well preserved, makes it easy to find stuff. Lots of blood though. Don't know what happened. Wouldn't be permitted to say even if I did. Found some information about this facility and some of the other things that happened, but saying them would put people at risk. Only telling you guys what won't hurt me or others. Sorry bout that. I'll tell you if and when the situation changes.


  1. Since I don't feel like having Marcus pass this along and break the little bit of cover they have right now, I'll put this here. Although, they will be able to talk to you soon, they'd rather not allow enemies to positively ID them with you. The Bearcat is still at the airport. Your room is ready. Along with you having level 3 clearance. Which means that you can access pretty much everything we have with the exception of the most sensitive info. Doc also wants to do a complete physical exam on you, just to be safe.